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Fittle - World's first 3D Printed Braille Puzzle

A new way for the blind and visually impaired to learn Braille, construct words, and understand the shapes of objects. Fittle models are open source and can be  3D-printed at almost zero cost.


With Fittle, learning Braille becomes more fun and accessible than ever!

Team Members: Srinath Reddy, Dr. Beula Christy, Dr. Anthony Vipin Das, Deiva Rajan, Rathinam Thyagarajan


What is our Aim?

The playful interaction with Fittle helps visually challenged children learn:

  • Braille letters

  • Spellings of words

  • Shapes & forms of the objects that these words represent

while engaging them through a puzzle.

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In India,

22 million people

are visually impaired and most are unemployed because they can’t read.


Braille learning tools are also expensive and inaccessible.


To solve this, Fittle was created

VI Child Exploring Fittle 1

How does Fittle help Children?

According to studies, early or congenitally blind individuals have stronger cross modal connections the earlier they begin learning braille


An earlier start allows for stronger connections to form, as blind children have to grow up using their sense of touch to read, instead of using their sight

The project is Open Source, so that anyone can 3D Print Fittle for their child/student/friend

The project is Open Source, so that anyone can 3D Print Fittle for their Child / Student / Friend

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Fittle has won many awards, most notably

the London International Design Award and D&AD Design Award

More than 90 legally blind people from Devnar School for the Blind, Hyderabad and Rehabilitation Center of L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad,had participated and played with Fittle

Fittle has been distributed to across 200+ branches in India

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Toys can turn recreational activities into meaningful learning experiences


To know more, please contact:

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