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Our Aim

To provide Excellent, Efficient, and Equitable Eye Care for everyone by bringing about an Order of Magnitude of Change in the existing Eye Care Solutions

Center For Technology Innovation

L V Prasad Eye Institute

How do we define ourselves?

LVPEI Banjara Hills Campus, Hyderabad, India


We are a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, designers, engineers, and business executives






At the Center For Innovation (CFI) we ideate, create and replicate the next generation of eye care solution

Evolved out of LVP-MITRA program, a collaboration between L V Prasad Eye Institute and the MIT Media Labs. It was inaugurated in the fall of 2010

Our goal is to bring about a change in the existing eye care solutions and to push the medical community to embrace radical new technology

Apart from contributing to the health care sector, we as a team, organize large scale events such as Engineering the Eye Hackathon and Humanistic Co-Design Workshop



There are various aspects of the healthcare process - diagnosis, treatment, management and rehabilitation. These often require training or education of patients for increased awareness and effectiveness

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Here are our initiatives to tackle the underlying problems in eye care

Center for Innovation provides an experience people love to talk about


"CFI provides a friendly yet productive environment"

Shreya Thipireddy - Intern @ CFI

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"The opportunity to apply tertiary education in the medical field is unparalleled"

Armaan Pishori - Participant @ ETE Hackathon

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"A free thinking and open minded environment nurturing creativity"

Divyank Yarravarupu - Fellow @ CFI

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 Sharing our vision with our ecosystem


Take a look at our open-source resources

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Check out our community hackathons and workshops

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To make our visions into realities we have teamed up with


Some of the milestones in our journey through the years

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